About us

Zale is a graphic design agency that was created combining expertise, creativity and with the addition of family genes. We opened for business in 1990. in Zagreb, Croatia, and in the last couple of years we have oriented our business on graphic and web design. With expertise and a great desire for success, for many years now, we are building a company that has many satisfied customers in both Croatia and abroad.

Who Are We?

Two sisters, a designer and economist. After years spent working in other marketing agencies and design studios gathering experience and perfecting skills, we have decided to open our own business so we can make our wish come true, to work together. As a good combination of design and management, after 5 years of working together, we hope that this combination will be successful for many more years to come.

How We Work?

We approach each client individually. Once the first contact with the clients is established, we do informative meeting so that we familiarize ourselves with client’s needs and get a clear idea of what the client wants. After that we make financial estimate and if everything is agreed upon, we start the work on the design.

We hope you will enjoy our page and our work so far.

Maja and Dubravka Zaklan

Logo design
Visual identity of a company
Book of graphic standards
Packaging design
Business Cards
Business portfolio
Display systems
Vehicle wrapping

Web design
Procurement of promotional items
Organization of the press
Graphic prepress
Photo editing

Dubravka Zaklan

Marketing Manager

+385 98 1649 684

Maja Zaklan

Art Director
+385 98 1649 683

Our clients

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