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On this page are listed all the services we offer. Whether you need graphic or web design, mobile application design, video advertising or copywriting, below you can find an explanation of the service itself with a brief description of the work process. If you need any of the services or want additional information, feel free to contact us via the contact form or email address.

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Logo Design

Visual identity begins with a logo, a trademark of every company and brand. The logo is the “face” of the company that represents it as well as its brand. Very often the logo itself is more recognizable than the company name. The logo is an important part of the marketing strategy and therefore needs special attention. A professionally designed logo will help to leave a striking first impression, make the company stand out among the competition, be attractive to customers and thus help to create loyalty to the brand. Because of all of that, it is important that the logo design is in line with the marketing strategy, the company’s activities and standards within the industry. With a good logo, attention is paid to the choice of typography and characteristic colors. If it contains a sign, it should be simple and symbolic, the meaning in accordance with the name and activity of the company and it must be easy to apply to various advertising materials and formats.

The creation of a logo begins with an interview with the client, listening to the client’s wishes and needs, and we move to the design portion of it. After the clients select one of the offered proposals, we refine the logo until the final solution is achieved, as needed. We deliver the finished logo in vector (ai, eps, pdf) and raster (jpg, png) form, with the choice of characteristic typography and color system.

Visual identity

If you need the design of other business documents, such as business cards, business folders or memos, in addition to the logo, then you may want to create a visual identity of the company or a book of graphic standards. Visual identity contains the logo as a guiding thread in defining colors, typography and other essential items of visual identity. If you already have a logo that you are happy with, you can complete the visual identity with other items without creating a new logo.

The visual identity in the basic package includes the design of logos, memos, business cards, envelopes, stamps and email signatures. If you need additional items, they can be added, such as: standard ad layout, vehicle wrap design, window shop design, design of billboards, catalogs, advertising displays, promotional items or any other printed or digital media that suits your marketing needs.

When agreeing to create a more complex visual identity, all items that the client needs are agreed upon, and the price is formed specifically for each client.

Na slici su prikazani razni proizvodi poput mape za dokumente, promo kutije, olovke, memorandumi i sl. na sivoj podlozi. Svi proizvodi su žute, crvene i bijele boje.
Na slici su prikazane ženske ruke kako drže pametni telefon sa smeđim zaslonom na kojemu piše "Vaša aplikacija". Ispred je laptop na čijem monitoru se nalazi ista slika. Laptop se nalazi na bijelom stolu na kojemu je i šaica kave, bilježnica sa olovkama te cvijeće.

Web Design and Mobile App Design (UI/UX design)

Logo is the first impression you make on customers, and the website is your first interaction with them. In today’s digital world, the importance of websites doesn’t need to be emphasized. The website is your digital business card, a place where customers will learn about the services and products you offer, how to get in touch with you and many other important information. Website design and optimization are equally important to differentiate yourself from the competition and present your business in the best way. Simple, modern and functional sites are the key to making your website fully serve its purpose.

Mobile applications have become an integral part of business for many industries. Smartphones are full of various applications, so standing out with a unique design is becoming increasingly important. In addition to the ease of use and functionality of the application itself, an attractive and modern design is what will attract and retain customers to your app.

If you need to design a website, mobile or web application, feel free to contact us.


Packaging is the material in which your product is located. Packaging must fulfill a number of functions: it must be functional, preserve the safety of your product in storage and transport, but it must also stand out from its competition. This is achieved with good design. Even before customers try your product, packaging is the first thing they will see, and it will often be the deciding factor of whether or not your product will be their choice. Good design will attract attention, but also give the customer all the necessary information about the product. Good design is at the same time aesthetically interesting and noticeable, but also informative and clear.

Like packaging, label design needs to fulfill its function, it needs to attract the customer while at the same time clearly conveying product information. Because the surface of the label is smaller, the scope of the design is limited. Therefore, the design should be efficient and clear, so that the customer can immediately recognize the product.

Whether it is the design of food packaging, cosmetics products, pharmaceuticals or bottle labels (eg wine, oil, honey, etc.), we offer a design service that will meet the needs of all the latest trends and standards.

Na slici su prikazane dvije limenke sa natpisom "Packaging design". Jedna je limenka zelene boje, druga roze boje. Obje ledbe u zraku te se ispod njih vidi sjena. Pozadina je bež boje.
Na slici vidimo ženske ruke kako su položene na debeli katalog koji je otvoren po sredini. Katalog se nalazi na tamnom stolu. S jedne strane slike je cvijeće bijele boje, s druge su naočale za čitanje položene na stol .

Print Media Design

Although it may seem that the print media is dwindling, they are still very much present. If you take a good look around you, print media and thus its design are still all around us. The business cards we give to clients, the catalogs and brochures we get in stores and agencies, the posters and billboards we see on the streets are examples that the print media is still one of the most important forms of advertising.

Just like with digital design, the purpose of printed design is to use visual graphic elements to convey a specific message to those who view it. Every company, product and service will, of course, have their own design needs and a different audience that they will want to attract, but the design itself should always be simple and effective to convey the message as clearly as possible.

There are many types of print media: catalogs, brochures, leaflets, business cards, memoranda, signs and inscriptions for entrances, posters, billboards, price lists, etc. are just some of them, and if you need a design for any of these types of print media, feel free to contact us and we will help you make a design fit exactly your needs.

Digital Media Design

Until recently, brochure catalogs and other promotional materials were reserved exclusively for print media, however this is changing. With ever-improving technology and growing environmental awareness, the need for digital versions of existing print media is growing. Companies are increasingly opting for digital versions of their catalogs or brochures and the need for them is growing. Catalogs can be easily browsed on a mobile phone, tablet or computer, and digital design has begun to gain more and more space. With the shift from print to digital, there is a growing demand for book design, digital ads, online campaigns and social media posts.

In addition to creating new digital content, many companies also need to transfer from print media to new digital formats. This is especially the case with ebooks and some forms of catalogs and documents.

We offer a complete digital design service, whether it is the transfer from print to digital or the creation of a completely new digital design. Order your catalog, flyer, ebook, brochure to publish on your site, designed ads for publishing them on different sites or designed posts for online campaigns and social media networks (such as GoogleAds, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

Na slici vidimo radni stol prepun fascikala i uredskog pribora te sa monitorom na kojemu je napisano "marketing strategy"
Zale usluge - Video

Graphic Motion Design

Animation is a term that encompasses almost everything that contains movement, but in this context we are talking about graphic elements, which are otherwise static in nature, therefore we use animations to “revive” them and give them movement. In this way, we can move our logos, banners, ads, but also make promotional videos in which we can present our services and products in more detail. Nowadays, such videos have flooded the media. Short informative videos are much more effective in attracting and retaining the attention of potential clients and therefore their importance and the importance of the design itself should not be underestimated. In the world of fast information and great competition, choosing this type of ad or just adding animated elements to the visual identity, especially for use on social networks, can attract customers to you and help present your company in the most modern and efficient way.

If you need one of the animated services, be it animation for a presentation, a promotional video or you are in doubt about the services you need, feel free to contact us and we will help you make the best animated choice.

Vehicle Wrapping and Environmental Design

If a company has vehicles, one of the best places for advertisment is them. We have all noticed and even remembered vehicles with interesting designs. As we drive around the city, we look at other vehicles and some of them attract our attention. Presenting products and services on vehicles is one of the most effective ways to present a company to potential customers. Therefore, the importance of good design on vehicles should not be underestimated. Such a design should be noticeable, but also informative and easy to read, because we often read them quickly.

In addition to design on vehicles, one slightly less movement based way of advertising is designing the work space itself. Maybe you have a shop window, and maybe just an office. Either way, decorating shop windows or office doors and walls can be a very good way to attract and retain customers. Anyone who has walked the city and looked at shop windows knows that a good shop window can quickly attract attention. It can also be a place where you will immediately inform (and perhaps entertain) potential customers about your products and services. Likewise, beautifying the office can be enough to raise the level of customer satisfaction.

If you need such a service, feel free to contact us.

Na slici se nalazi crveno oslikan kombi sa riječima "slogan" i "logo" ispisanim bijelim slovima. Kombi se nalazi na crveno/rozoj podlozi.
Na slici se nalazi stol na kojemu se nalaze laptom, bilježnica na kojoj piše "We are all a work progress", dvije plave kemijske olovke te podloga stola je bijela sa crtežom žarulja.


Copywriting or creative writing is the process of writing marketing and promotional materials for clients in order to motivate the customer to take some form of action, whether it is buying, clicking on a link, donating or ordering a service. Nowadays, we are surrounded by examples of copywriting, whether on social media, websites, radio or television commercials, and print media. Any text you read in such places that explains a product or service falls under copywriting. That is why the importance of copywriting should not be underestimated.

In addition to the texts that explain the service, copywriting also includes creating slogans (slogans) for companies or products. A short and clear slogan is one of the ways to attract the attention of the customer and it helps to make the company recognizable and memorable. We know many of them, and you can have your own.

Naming a company or a product is a serious part of copywriting. The importance of the name should not be explained too much. A name that is specific, that will represent your business or product is the first step in creating an overall brand.

Promotional Materials

If you want to attract customers and leave an unforgettable impression on them, one of the best ways is to give them a free gift. People love gifts and small tokens of attention, so even a small gift, like a ballpoint pen or a cup wrapped in a nice way can make a customer happy. In addition, every time they use that ballpoint pen or drink their morning coffee from a cup with your logo, it will connect those little pleasures with your brand, and it will be a constant reminder of the brand that gave them a wonderful gift.

It is therefore difficult to make a mistake with promotional materials, and the offer of the gifts themselves is large and it is easy to adapt the gifts to individual clients or customers. From more exclusive gifts for individual clients to promotional materials intended for a larger number of customers, what is important is – design. The T-shirt can be donated by anyone, but it is not a guarantee that the client will want to wear it and thus promote your product or service. With good design, any promotional material becomes not just an ordinary gift, but your little advertisement that customers will not only use but also enjoy and thus promote you in the best possible way.

Na slici vidimo bijelu majicu sa tiskom. Otisnut je crni krug u kojemu je bijelim slovima ispisan "Design studio since 1977" te ikone fotoaparata i miša. Majica se nalazi na tamnoj podlozi.