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We recently had the opportunity to collaborate with the Agency for Medicines and Medical Products (HALMED) on a project close to their mission: IncreaseNET.


IncreaseNET is a joint initiative under the EU4Health program that aims to strengthen the European Medicines Regulatory Network (EMRN). EMRN faces an increasing workload due to the growing number and complexity of medical procedures, along with the rapid advancement of science. IncreaseNET seeks to address these challenges by improving regulatory expertise and building a more capable network.

Our Solution for Visual Identity

Understanding the project and its mission of building trust and promoting collaboration within EMRN was central to our design approach.

  • Logo Design and Meaning: The IncreaseNET logo, a triangle made up of smaller triangles, embodies the ideas of progress, diversity and collaboration. Each element is carefully crafted to mark a forward movement, an exchange of perspectives and a pooling of regulatory expertise.

    The color palette of the IncreaseNET logo serves as visual evidence of the multifaceted approach of the initiative. From deep blues and greens that symbolize reliability and established practice to lighter hues that signify innovation and adaptability, each shade tells a story of growth and renewal.

  • Visual consistency: We ensured a consistent visual identity at different touch points to create a unique brand experience.


IncreaseNET’s visual identity reflects the project’s commitment to fostering trust and collaboration within EMRN. The design elements reinforce the initiative’s goals of building a robust and adaptable regulatory network for the future of medicine. Combining symbolism with simplicity, we created a design that is in line with the project’s goals.

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