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For our clients, the company Verklizan, we created a magazine in which they presented their products. Verklizan is an international software company with a base in the Netherlands. Their main activity is the creation of a health platform to help the elderly and infirm so that they can receive the necessary assistance such as remote care and assistance alarms.

Verklizan’s logo is in three colors: dark green, blue and dark gray for the font. Guided by their standard colors, we created a magazine using blue and green combinations. Verklizan wanted a magazine that was professional, serious, but also simple. With the help of photos and the use of appropriate fonts (size and type) and the already mentioned colors, we managed to create that impression.

Magazine design for the company Verklizan from Germany. The picture shows two magazines placed on top of each other on a dark blue-green background. On the cover of the newspaper, there is an illustration of a woman in the middle, and there are borders with text at the top and bottom. The border at the top is blue, and at the bottom is dark green, below which there is another smaller white border with the logo and information of the Verklizan company.
Magazine Design for the Company Verklizan

Magazine, catalog and book design

When we mention design, the well-known saying that we don’t judge a book by its cover falls flat. The design of the front page (cover) of a book, magazine, magazine or catalog is extremely important. The goal of every design is to get your product or service noticed. To attract potential new clients, to present yourself and the new product or service in the best possible way. All this should be taken into account when we talk about the design of the front page. Of course, the magazine design for every company will not be the same. Some companies want to make a more serious impression, some more relaxed. So the design should be adapted to the needs of each client, but there are some rules that should be respected anyway.

Most successful covers follow the same format. The main title, the first subheading that usually refers to specific content within the magazine, and one or two smaller subheadings that further clarify what is in the magazine. In Verklizan’s case, the main subheading is in a circle, and another less important one at the bottom of the page. Also, don’t clutter the cover with too much text, images, or multiple types of fonts. You want the cover to be legible and it is immediately clear what the magazine is about.

Bright colors should not be avoided, in fact, sometimes a strong color can attract attention better than other design elements, but make sure that the color does not distract from what the client is selling. Color should be an accessory, not the main actor.

When we talk about the design of the interior part of the catalog, functionality should come first. The magazine should primarily be readable, reviewed and well organized. In order to break the monotony of text or many images, inserting infographics, graphs and similar design elements is desirable, but do not overdo it. Moderation is the key to good design.

The back is usually reserved for contact information, although it can also serve as an advertising spot for some future projects in the works.

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