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Company Klik4 from Zagreb deals with the sale of promotional products with included service of print or embroidering on directly on them. Since their offer is colorful, with thousands of items in their offer, their logo also follows that colorful theme. They needed to decorate their numerous vehicles with a unique design and contacted us. The design followed their already existing cheerful logo, so it was not difficult to incorporate that visual onto the vehicle. It is precisely because the logo is so interesting that we decided to use it alone as the motif of the entire vehicle design. This colorful and striking design will surely be noticed on the roads of Zagreb and Croatia. Good design can be heard far and wide. 🙂

Why is vehicle wrap design important and what should you pay attention to?

Every day we spend hours outdoors, either as road users or as pedestrians. Numerous vehicles pass us. Your vehicle ad can be seen by hundreds of people every day. This is one of the cheapest and most effective forms of advertising.

When designing vehicles, especially larger ones like vans and trucks, you want to create a design that will draw attention but still convey a message about your company, product or service. Although the design of the vehicle is traditionally decorated with a strong design: the use of bright colors, illustrations and graphic elements, care must be taken not to distract attention from important information: such as the name of the company, the service offered and other important information. We usually see the vehicle in motion, so the design only has a few seconds to attract the audience’s attention. This is why strong color palettes, illustrations and images are used for vehicle design. Once the design catches the audience’s attention, they only have a short time to read the message. Do not cram vehicles with too much text. Reduce your message to the most basic information and a good designer will help you convey the rest of the message through the design element.

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