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New name, new look: O’Brada – For the modern man

We present the new name and logo we designed for the men’s hair salon – O’Brada. Through a careful process of work, research and creativity, we managed to create an identity that reflects the character and elegance of this exclusive salon.

Naming and logo design for O'Brada Men's Hair Salon
Naming and logo design for O’Brada Men’s Hair Salon

Logo Design Process: Through the Creation of the Identity of O’Brad Salon

When we started designing the logo for the O’Brada salon, our goal was to create an attractive visual identity that would emphasize the character and style of the salon. Inspired by contemporary trends and values of male aesthetics, we created a logo that reflects elegance and sophistication.

In Focus: Symbols of Masculinity and Style

The central figure of the logo combines the key elements of male beauty – hair, mustache and beard. These symbols not only represent aesthetic aspects, but also attention to appearance. Instead of conventional eyes, the name of the salon is highlighted in the very center of the logo, adding a modern touch and emphasizing the identity of the O’Brad salon.

Naming and logo design for O'Brada Men's Hair Salon
Naming and logo design for O’Brada Men’s Hair Salon

Aesthetic Harmony: A combination of Classic and Contemporary

The logo design combines classic elements of masculine aesthetics with a modern approach. The hair is placed above the name of the salon, while the mustache and beard are placed below, creating a harmonious whole. The contemporary font adds an extra dimension of elegance and sophistication, making the logo attractive and recognizable.

Meaning of the Name: O’Brada – Elegance and Essence

The name “O’Brada” is not just an arbitrary choice. The meaning of the word “obrada” (in croatian: processing) hides the key values of the salon – work process, design and research. This process is not only technical, but also an expression of care and attention to each client.

By adding an apostrophe and separating the word “brada” (in croatian: beard), we create a subtle but significant change. This change not only emphasizes the aesthetic value of the name, but also adds a touch of sophistication. Inspired by Irish flair, the name gives a dose of exclusivity that attracts the clientele.

Naming and logo design for O'Brada Men's Hair Salon
Naming and logo design for O’Brada Men’s Hair Salon


Tips for designing a logo and choosing a name

Designing a logo and choosing a name for a hair salon requires careful strategy and creativity.

Here are some key tips to achieve optimal results:

  1. Target Audience Research: Understanding the preferences and needs of your target audience is key to creating an identity that will attract customers.
  2. Clarity and Simplicity: The logo and name of the salon should be simple but striking. Avoid excessive complexity that can confuse potential clients.
  3. Cultural Influences: Consider local and cultural elements that can add uniqueness and authenticity to your salon.
  4. Testing and Feedback: Before making a final selection, test the logo and name among target audiences and gather feedback to ensure their effectiveness and appeal.

Through a careful process of designing a logo and choosing a name, we created an identity that reflects the values of O’Brada Salon. Elegance, sophistication and customer care are reflected in every detail, making O’Brada salon a desirable destination for the modern man.

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