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We designed a promotional stand for Ortodoncija Marelić from Rijeka, Croatia.

Promotional stand design for Ordinacija Marelić, a dental practice from Rijeka, Croatia. The stand shows two photos, an elderly gentleman and a lady who, instead of showing their mouths, hold a paper above them, one with a downward smile, the other with an upward smile. The design is made in orange color with a white background and dark gray details.
Promotional stand design for Ordinacija Marelić

Design of promotional (exhibition) stand

Promotional stands are a very effective way of promotion, but apart from direct promotion, they can also be used to provide useful information to customers. In this case, Ortodoncija Marelić needed a promotional stand for the fair. With the help of cheerful photos and cheerful orange color, this stand served its purpose.

When designing the stand, it should be kept in mind that we want to attract the attention of potential clients. We want that among the multitude of stands, they want to visit ours. This can be achieved by choosing bright colors, noticeable design, quality photos and interesting texts. However, one should not go overboard. A design that is excessive can cause the opposite effect from the one we want to achieve. When it comes to design, the most important thing to remember is that the message should come first, and the purpose of the design is to make that message as attractive as possible.

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