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Design of Display and Promotional Materials for Liora

Dizajn oglasa i knjižice za skupljanje bodova Liora. Na slici se nalaze muški model te ispred njega ženski model koji nosi Liora nakit. Izgledaju profinjeno obućeni u crno odijelo i crnu haljinu. U dnu je logo Kauflanda, na vrhu logo Liore, a između crno bijeli tekst koji objašnjava kampanju skupljanja bodova za nakit Liora u trgovinama Kauflanda.
Design of advertisements and booklets for the company Liora

The company TCC from Switzerland contacted us to create a design for the Liora company campaign in cooperation with Kaufland in Croatia. It was about a prize game, collecting points with each purchase in Kaufland, in order to achieve a more favorable purchase of Liora’s crystal jewelry. For the campaign, they needed the design of an advertisement, a poster, a booklet for collecting points, and an exhibition stand (display) on which the jewelry will stand in Kaufland stores.

As it was about jewelry, it was important for the design to maintain a sophisticated look, and to follow the already existing design standards of Liora and Kaufland. For this reason, we stuck to a monochromatic selection of colors and elegant fonts. We transferred the design to the exhibition stand, booklet and advertisement, in order to create uniformity of design.

Izložbeni stalak za Liora
Display stand for Liora

Rules for good poster design

There are several rules to follow when designing a poster. As with other types of design, don’t cram the poster with too much text. Focus on the main message and basic information such as: company name, contact information (website) and tagline. A good rule to follow is that the text does not take up more than 1/3 of the total area of the poster.

You can see this on the example of the Liora poster. The text is subtle, only the basic information that is important to the potential buyer is emphasized. The main focus is on a photo representing the product being sold and information about the prize draw.

Dizajn knjižice za bodove za tvrtku Liora u suradnji sa Kauflandom Hrvatska. Na slici vidimo prekrasan ženski model kako nosi nakit tvrtke liora. Pozadina je crna, slova su bijele boje i u dnu se nalazi logo tvrtke Kaufland, a na vrhu logo tvrtke Liora.
Design of the points booklet for the company Liora


This brings us to the importance of a photograph or illustration on a poster. A picture leaves a much stronger impression than text, and we notice it sooner and remember it more easily. Therefore, every photo we choose for the poster must reflect the message we want to convey. In this case, it is jewelry, but it can also be a car ride, a concert experience, or some other topic. We want the customer to want to buy a product or service, and the best way to convey that is through the use of an image. In Liora’s photo, we don’t just see jewelry, but a woman getting ready for (perhaps) going out. It makes us feel like we want to wear that jewelry and feel more dressed up.


A common mistake we also see with posters is the use of too many types of fonts and too many font sizes. If too many fonts and sizes are used, the poster becomes difficult to read. The impression is of a disorganized design and the design loses harmony. You should stick to about two font types and 3-4 sizes. More than that will spoil the harmonious look.

So we also used only two fonts on Liora’s poster (a special one was used only for the slogan) and 4 sizes.

Dizajn plakata, oglasa, knjižice s nagradnim bodovima i izložbeni stalak za kampanju u Kaufland trgovinama za tvrtku Liora
Design of posters, advertisements, booklets with reward points and display stand for the campaign in Kaufland stores for the company Liora


Do not exaggerate the use of colors either. You can use bright colors, indeed, but you should limit how many colors will be on the poster, and make sure that the colors do not swallow the text and information. The message should always come first, and colors can help to create contrast and make the message stand out even more. Of course, different services and products will also need different color palettes that create special atmospheres and impressions, but always make sure that colors are not the main actor, but only a support.

With Liora, a sophisticated impression was achieved with the monochromatic selection of colors, exactly what this type of product needs.

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