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T-shirt design for the Ultra Europe music festival held in Split, Croatia. The picture shows the torso of a man dressed in a black Ultra Europe promotional t-shirt. On the shirt we see the Ultra Europe logo and a design consisting of the letter U inside a yellow-white circle.
T-shirt design :: Ultra Europe

They approached us to make promotional t-shirts for the famous Ultra Europe music festival that takes place in Split, Croatia, which we gladly accepted.

Promotional T-shirts

Promotional t-shirts have been losing popularity in recent years, although their importance should not be underestimated. In general, promotional materials are a very effective way of promotion. If a t-shirt is well designed, everyone will want to wear it. Some maybe for years. Every time an individual wearing your shirt goes out in public, they are promoting your business or service, completely free of charge.

Also, if the promotional items are not sold but given away, just a small sign of attention can mean a lot to a potential customer. It creates a sense of trust and loyalty in your brand. Likewise, every time they wear that shirt, that sense of connection will grow, especially if the design is so good that it becomes their favorite item of clothing. 🙂

Promotional t-shirt design

There aren’t many rules when it comes to T-shirt design. It depends on what is being promoted. It is important not to ignore the name of the company, service or product. It is important to highlight it. We know that many people do not like to wear t-shirts with prominent company names, but if a good design is created around the promotional message and logo, each t-shirt can become a valuable marketing tool that customers will be happy to wear for years to come.

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