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Label design for Casa del Sol: Istrian Teran and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We designed the label for the company Casa del Sol, which includes their Istrian Teran wine and Extra virgin olive oil. Through careful and thoughtful design, the aim was to convey the luxury, quality and tradition of these top products. In this blog post, we’ll introduce our design and share some tips on what’s important when designing labels.

Presentation of Label Design

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The label for Casa del Sol Extra Virgin Olive Oil is designed with an emphasis on elegance and refinement. The black background with gold lines creates an impression of luxury and sophistication. In the center of the label is the Casa del Sol logo, golden in color, inside which is the brand name. Special emphasis was placed on the details in the logo – the words “casa” and “del” are smaller in size, while “sol” is written in larger letters. Swirls emerge from the letters “s” and “l” that extend outside the square, creating a dynamic and attractive visual effect. Below the logo, in golden letters, is the inscription “Extra virgin olive oil”.

Casa del Sol :: Olive oil label design
Casa del Sol :: Olive oil label design

Istrian Teran

The label for Istrian Teran wine comes in two versions: golden-black and golden-white. Both versions retain the same elegant design as the olive oil label, with the Casa del Sol logo in the center and golden letters below the logo stating “Istarski Teran 2019”. The combination of gold color with a black or white background contributes to the premium look and feel of the product, emphasizing its quality and Istrian tradition.

Casa del Sol :: Wine label design
Casa del Sol :: Wine label design

Essential Elements of Label Design

Visual Appeal

The first thing a potential customer notices on the shelf is the appearance of the label. Therefore, it is crucial that the label is visually appealing and stands out among other products. Using contrasting colors, such as black and gold, can help create a luxurious look. Logo design also plays a big role in attracting attention, and it is important that it is recognizable and unique.

Clarity and Readability

In addition to being attractive, the label must also be legible. The fonts should be large enough and clearly visible, and the text should be easy to understand. Information such as product name, type, and vintage year (for wines) should be highlighted. In our design, the gold color of the text on a black or white background ensures clear legibility and adds a touch of elegance.


A good label provides all the essential information about the product. In addition to the name of the product, it is necessary to include information about the origin, composition and, in the case of wine, the year of harvest. Our Istrian Teran label clearly states the 2019 vintage, which is crucial for wine lovers looking for specific years.

Compliance with Brand

The label must reflect the brand identity. In the case of Casa del Sol, luxury and quality are key determinants. By using gold details and elegant design, we ensured that the labels reflect these values and contribute to the brand’s recognition.


Label design plays a key role in product presentation and customer attraction. Through our work on the labels for Casa del Sol, Istrian Teran and Extra virgin olive oil, we have shown how carefully selected colors, fonts and design elements can convey the message of luxury and quality. When designing labels, it is important to ensure visual appeal, readability, informativeness and brand alignment to achieve maximum market impact.

Label design is not only an art, but also a science that requires an understanding of the target audience and market trends. Through a combination of creativity and strategy, it is possible to create labels that not only attract attention, but also leave a lasting impression.

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