Konzum :: KitchenAid ad (motion graphics)


A few years ago, we joined forces with Stereo Studio and decided to merge the two companies and offer current and future clients better and more comprehensive services. The company Stereo Studio specialized in the creation of motion graphics videos and graphic elements. Among the many clients was Konzum, for which numerous advertisements were made. Among others, this one for “Crazy Sale” is one example. Today, as part of the Zale team, we also offer the same service of creating animated advertisements, banners and, in general, motion graphics design elements such as logos.

What is motion graphics?

Motion graphics is a term used for moving or animated graphics. Nowadays, motion graphics are everywhere. From animated advertisements, banners, infographic videos, animated content has flooded the marketing world. One of the biggest reasons is that commercials and videos are much shorter today. Because of this, the need to add as much content as possible in the shortest possible time, while still attracting and retaining the attention of potential customers, developed. Also, such videos are suitable for advertising on multiple channels: from television to billboards and mobile applications, and even social networks.

Motion graphics is simply animated graphic design. It is content created by combining elements of design, animation and video.

Why use motion graphics?

Motion graphics bring your brand to life in a way that other media cannot. Instead of just reading about your company and what you do, viewers can actually see and hear what you represent and sell. This is an extremely effective way to connect with your audience and to quickly create a sense of familiarity and recognition with people who may never have come into contact with you before, or strengthen that feeling with regular clients.

You can read more about motion graphics on our blog and an article on that very topic, and if you need any of the services, feel free to contact us via email or contact form.