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We created a logo design for the Scarabe bar. This logo has symbolism that represents not only the name of the company, but also the activity. The two form a logo that is striking, clear and effective.

Symbolism and meaning:

At the core of every memorable logo is symbolism that resonates with the target audience. The Scarabe logo effortlessly captures the essence of the bar’s unique identity. The majestic scarab beetle, revered in ancient Egyptian culture for its association with rebirth and transformation, serves as a powerful metaphor for the bar’s ability to deliver an extraordinary experience that rejuvenates and enchants its patrons. The combination of the scarab with the wine glass signifies the integration of elegance and indulgence, creating an enticing visual representation of the bar’s commitment to sophistication and pleasure.

Logo design for Scarabe bar
Logo design for Scarabe bar

Aesthetics and design:

The scarab beetle, executed with elegant lines and delicate details, exudes a sense of sophistication. A stunning wine glass, gracefully nestled in the bug’s embrace, symbolizes the bar’s commitment to providing an exceptional selection of wines and beverages. The color palette, made up of monochromatic and gold accents, adds a touch of opulence, while the choice of a modern, minimalist font ensures a timeless appeal.

Logo design for Scarabe bar
Logo design for Scarabe bar

Strengthening brand identity:

An effective logo is more than just an image; it acts as a catalyst for brand recognition and recall, in this case a bar. By integrating the Scarabe logo into various marketing materials, from signage to digital platforms, this unique emblem will become an iconic representation of the bar’s identity. Whether users encounter the logo on social media profiles, business cards or menus, they will immediately be reminded of the sophistication and extraordinary experiences that await them at Scarabe.

Logo design for Scarabe bar
Logo design for Scarabe bar

Versatility and adaptability:

Adapting the logo to different media and applications is key to maintaining consistency in the brand’s visual representation. The inherent flexibility of the Scarabe logo allows it to seamlessly adapt to different marketing channels, ensuring a cohesive and professional image. Whether displayed on a website, embroidered on staff uniforms or etched on glass, the emblem retains its enchanting charm, serving as a beacon of elegance wherever it appears.


The Scarabe logo stands as proof of the successful cooperation between Scarabe and our marketing agency. It embodies the bar’s commitment to creating an experience for its clientele, blending sophistication with indulgence. This logo will serve as a lasting symbol of Scarabe’s commitment to excellence and its unique ability to transport visitors to a world of refined pleasures. With the Scaraba logo, the bar is ready to captivate and enchant its guests for years to come.

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