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Introducing the New Face of Radić!

We are pleased to announce the redesign of the logo for our dear client, the company Radić! This refreshed design represents a step forward for the company, underscoring its commitment to growth and innovation.

Radić is a company that has become successful and recognizable by creating a reputation for quality and dedication to clients over the years. As the company continues to grow, its visual identity must adapt.

A Modern Sign for a Modern Company

The new Radić logo is simple and modern. It consists of clean, black text for the company name. The key element, however, lies in the first letter, “R.” The line of the designed letter “R” extends downward, where it is cut off at the bottom to form a sharp triangle of bright orange color.

“R” as an icon: “R” can function independently as a recognizable icon, allowing for flexible brand application.
Triangle: The triangle, formed by the extended line of the letter “R”, symbolizes progress and growth, reflecting the company’s constant pursuit of progress.
Color choice: Black stands for sophistication and professionalism, while orange brings energy and liveliness, reflecting the company’s combination of expertise and forward-thinking approach.

Why Make a Logo Redesign?

A well-thought-out logo redesign can have a profound impact on brand perception.

A redesign can:

  • Increase recognition: A fresh, modern logo attracts attention and leaves a strong impression.
  • Communicate values: Design can effectively communicate a company’s mission and values.
  • Reflect growth and evolution: The new logo signals the company’s commitment to progress and adapt to a continuously changing market.

We believe that the new Radić logo will successfully represent their history as they build an even more successful future.

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