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We created an ad design for The Compounding Center from the USA. It is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in the manufacture and distribution of customized medicines and medical equipment to its clients. Due to the large volume of work and product range, they needed a series of advertisements to promote their services and promotions.

A few rules for ad design

A few things to pay attention to when creating posters and ads: Does your ad convey a clear message? Although abstract posters can sometimes be visually interesting, will the client know what it is about? The first rule of any ad is to be functional. The purpose of an ad is to present a service or product, and any design must respect that.

The use of multiple types of fonts, too many design elements, colors and texts should be avoided on the ad. The text should be comprehensible, short and clear. The poster is used only to present the service or the product but for additional information we want clients to visit our websites or stores. Always remember that posters and other advertisements are read in passing.

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