Youtube Channels for Graphic Designers and Digital Creators

Whether you’re a graphic designer or just want to learn more about it, we’ve put together a list of several YouTube channels that can help you start your journey as a designer or expand your already existing knowledge.

1. Adobe Creative Cloud

Of course, Adobe’s channel will be first on the list. Most designers use their software so this is an ideal place to find out what’s new, to hone your skills and stay informed about the latest trends in the graphics industry.

The channel currently has 1.13 million subscribers, and is filled with great content so whether you are a beginner designer or an already experienced designer, this channel is a good place to learn more about graphic design.

What you can learn: all about Adobe Creative Cloud which contains over 20 applications for creating and editing content from photography, web, graphic design and video. 

The most watched video on the channel at the moment (excluding short commercials):
Choosing the Right Music for Your Video with 2.7 million views.

2. Tutvid

Tutvid, which currently has 1.19 million subscribers, is the YouTube channel of Nathaniel Dodson, a photographer and graphic designer that began in 2006. recording tutorials about Photoshop and posting them on YouTube. The channel has since expanded and now has not only educational videos on graphic design, but also videos on editing and creating video content as well as web design. Nathaniel also has a podcast, The Dodcast, which he publishes on the same channel.

What you can learn: Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Lightroom, Audition, XD), Filmora9

The most watched video on the channel is currently:
How to Make 5 SIMPLE Animations in AFTER EFFECTS CC with 1.7 million views.


With over 2 million subscribers and hundreds of videos on how to use Adobe Photoshop, this channel is a must-see for anyone who loves photography. In addition to the free video YouTube channel, PHLEARN also offers the option of subscribing to their page where you can get even more content. This is a good option for all professionals who may need additional information.

What you can learn: all about photo editing with Adobe Photoshop.

The most watched video on the channel is currently:
How to Remove Anything from a Photo in Photoshop with 5 Million Views.


4. The Futur

The channel, founded by Emmy-winning designer and director Chris Do, is aimed at designer entrepreneurs (freelancers or companies) who want to learn how to run a successful design business or improve an existing one. The channel, which has 1.9 million subscribers, is full of video content with tips on how to price the product to videos with tips on typography and design. Chris Do also has a podcast “The Futur Podcast with Chris Do” and on their official website The Futur you can find even more content, if hundreds of videos are not enough for you 😊

What you can learn: tips on running a successful design business, tips on design standards and rules, tips on typography.

The most watched video on the channel is currently:
Why Charging By The Hour Doesn’t Make Sense
with 44 million views.

5. Will Paterson

If you’ve always wanted to know what a logo is and why one logo is good and another isn’t, Will Paterson’s channel is where you’ll discover it. Will is a well-known graphic designer whose channel has become famous for criticizing the logo designs of world-famous brands such as Google, Nintendo or Tinder, but this channel is much more than that. It is full of good design tips, mostly based on logo design, but also other elements of graphic design. The channel currently has more than half a million subscribers with hundreds of entertaining videos.

What you can learn: design tips with an emphasis on logo design.

The most watched video on the channel at the moment is:
I Paid 5 Designers On Fiverr To Design The SAME Logo 🧐 with 2.7 million views.

6. Yes I’m a Designer

Martin Perhiniak is a graphic designer who has worked on projects such as the film Toy Story and the series Dr. Who, and on this channel teaches us about graphic techniques. On the channel, which has half a million subscribers, you can learn how to make a good portfolio, the theory of graphic design or learn about the latest tools used in design. The channel is more technical in nature and is good if you are more seriously interested in graphic design.

What you can learn: Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) and graphics theory.

You can watch an interesting video about graphic design trends for 2022.

7. Mike Rise

Behind this Youtube channel is designer Mike Rise (Marko Radunović) from Montenegro who teaches us about animations and illustrations. Animations are increasingly in demand in graphic design, so many designers are learning to work in After Effects. Mark educates in a detailed and clear way about the various techniques and possibilities of After Effects, as well as drawing and illustration techniques. Be sure to check out this channel which already has over 200,000 followers.

What you can learn: Adobe After Effects and Illustrator, illustration techniques.

The most watched video currently on the channel is:
Character Rigging, EASY Character Animation Tutorial In After Effects, Illustrator And Duik Plugin with 1 million views

8.  Satori Graphics

Satori is a designer from the UK, and this channel with almost 900,000 followers is not to be missed. Packed with high-quality videos covering a variety of topics from tips on how to attract clients as a designer on Instagram or tips on how to make a good logo​​  ​​and portfolio, to tips on graphic resources like fonts. The channel is really full of tips, entertainment and educational videos and is worth watching.

What you can learn: Adobe Illustrator, graphics theory, graphics resources, and business tips

The most watched video on the channel at the moment is:
66 Beautiful Fonts – FREE to Download NOW!with 1,5 million views.