Online Games for Designers :: Play and Learn!

You like to learn and have fun doing it? You are at the right place. We have found interactiveonline games for all design lovers. These graphic design games are ideal for times when you want to relax or test how good you really are at guessing colors, how well you know the fonts, and whether you really have a good design eye. 🙂



How confident are you that you can recognize and guess the exact shade of color? You can test your skills in this fun game. In the quickest possible time (maximum 5 seconds) you need to find the correct color among those offered (see picture). The goal is to guess all of the 20 colors in the shortest time possible. The game starts off simple, but don’t be fooled, the colors will quickly become harder to distinguish, and the task will be more difficult.

Online game KOLOR where you guess the colors



This game will test you pen toolusing skills or, if you are a beginner, it will help you learn it. How well you can use this tool, which is used in almost all design applications such as Adobe Illustrator or InDesign, you will see as you try to recreate the offered shapes. From flat shapes like houses and squares, to complex shapes like cars, you will surely return to this game over and over.

The BĂ©zier Game
The BĂ©zier Game



Another color matching game, but this time we’re playing with a color wheel. Can you find the right shade and saturation, or complementary, tertiary and analog colors? This game is not only fun but also instructive. If you are not familiar with the color wheel and all these color combinations, this is a game that can explain all those basic concepts from color theory in a fun way.




We are surrounded by many logos daily; however, would we be able to recognize them if they are not displayed in full but only in part? And would you know which company is hiding behind the logo? Play this game and find out.

Logo quiz a game where you guess whos logo it is



Every designer believes that they can recognize fonts with ease. In this game you can test how well you know the fonts, with only one letter within the typeface. Do you think that you can do it? Play the game and find out.

Typewar is a game of recognizing typefaces



What is kerning for all those who see this term for the first time? We learn from Wikipedia that “… kerning is the process of adjusting the spacing between characters in a proportional font, usually to achieve a visually pleasing result.” In short, the goal of the game is to align the letters. This game is ideal to check how precise your designer eye is.

KERN TYPE is a kerning game



Shape type is an online game where you practice creating fonts using vectors. How skilled you are in this, check for yourself and have fun.

Shape Type online game to learn to create fonts
Shape Type


8. PIXACT.LY is an online game where you will check how well you know pixels. Can you guess the size according to the given pixels? Try this game and find out if you are a pixel master. is an online game where you check your skill in determing the size by using pixels