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Introducing the New Logo for BauMarket!

Logo design for BauMarket is our new project. BauMarket is a new store that offers a wide range of products, from construction materials to household items. Their focus on the quality and diversity of the assortment is what they want to highlight, and we tried to make our design reflect that diversity.

Creating a Logo and its Meaning

Logo design for BauMarket
Logo design for BauMarket

Inspiration in Everyday Experiences

When creating the new logo for BauMarket, we looked for inspiration in everyday shopping experiences. The central element of the logo, the black shopping cart, is not only a practical symbol but also a visual association of the simplicity and efficiency that characterizes shopping at BauMarket.

Playful Distribution of Red Squares

The five red squares arranged on the trolley do not coincidentally resemble the letter ‘b’. This detail is not only the initial letter of BauMarket’s name but also a subtle allusion to the products in the cart. Three squares in the first column, and two in the second, create balance and harmony, adding dynamism and character to the logo.

Logo design for BauMarket
Logo design for BauMarket

Text Display of Company Name: BauMarket

In addition to the visual symbol, the text display of the company’s name further enhances recognition and identity. We decided on contrasting colors: “Bau” in black above, and “Market” in red below. This contrast highlights every part of the company name and adds dynamics to the overall design.

Harmony in Simplicity

The role of the logo is not only to be recognizable, but also to convey the essential values and character of the company. Through simple but powerful elements, the new BauMarket logo highlights the practicality, diversity and dynamics that make up the core of this store’s identity.

Designing Logos for Stores

Understanding the Company

When faced with the task of designing a logo for a store that offers a variety of products, it is crucial to have a deeper understanding of the identity of the company itself. This process not only requires respecting the scope of the product offering, but also finding the core of what makes that store special and attractive.

Clarity as the Foundation of Design

Logo design should be based on the principle of clarity. This means that unnecessary elements or complex details that could make it difficult to recognize and communicate the brand should be avoided. Instead, the focus should be on simple but powerful elements that will immediately attract attention and leave a lasting impression.

Adaptation to the Company’s Identity

A key aspect of a successful logo design is its ability to reflect the company’s specific values and identity. This may include using certain colors, fonts, or symbols that align with the store’s mission and vision. This step allows the logo to become a visual representation of the company’s personality and character, creating an emotional connection with customers.

Translating Diversity into Symbolism

In order for the logo to successfully convey the diversity of the product range, it is important to use symbols or elements that will clearly communicate the breadth of the offer. This can be through the intelligent use of symbols such as shopping baskets or icons representing different product categories. This strategy allows the logo to become a visual manifestation of the wide range of products the store offers.


Creating a logo for a wide range store requires careful thought and understanding. Through clarity, adaptation to the company’s identity and intelligent use of symbolism, the logo becomes a powerful tool that not only attracts attention, but also reflects the essential values and characteristics of the store itself.

We hope that this new logo will contribute to the recognition and success of BauMarket in the future.

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