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We designed a logo and created a name for the company Deezalica from Virovitica, Croatia. Deezalica was founded by Dr. sc. Anita Prelas Kovačević, a psychologist who helps young people with decisions about education, personal development and provides coaching services. When Anita approached us with the desire to come up with a name as well as a logo design, we thought about the impact of her work, what she offers and what her vision and mission is. The name Deezalica was born from this. Little play on the word dizalica (eng. crane), so that it doesn’t resemble construction business. Since Anita “lifts” her clients to a new level of personal growth and development, the name accurately describes this company.

Logo design and naming of the company Deezalica. The Deezalica logo is displayed on a white background. The logo is dark gray with a magenta addition
Logo design and naming of the company Deezalica

Naming the company or product

Naming is not a very sought out service, mostly because clients want to choose the name themselves. This is understandable since a name is considered something personal and important. However, it is also useful to forward this work to a company that will make sure that the name matches certain criteria. For example, care should be taken to avoid names that are difficult to pronounce or write. Such names are difficult to remember, and in today’s Internet age, when we search for companies by name on search engines and social networks, we want a name that is easy to remember and easy to spell. If you use foreign laguages for names, always check with a native speaker or proofreader that you are using the name correctly, if you are not fluent in the language yourself.

Also, don’t limit your activity by name. What does that mean? In the company name itself, try to avoid using the type of work you do. In the future, you may expand your business or want to completely refocus your business, so it’s better to stick with names that are more neutral. However, this does not mean that the name should not have meaning. The best names are short, clear, creative, but still have meaning.

After choosing a name, it is very important to check if that name has already been used. Go through court registries, comb through all social networks and see if domains with that name are available. You don’t want your website to have a name that is too long or too complicated, because the name itself was not available. Research everything well. If you hire a company, the company will do that part of the work, of course for you.

In connection with the name Deezalica, we also played a little with the logo design. In order to give the logo a modern look and to make it more suitable for the younger audience who are the clients, we played with the letter E and turned it a little, just as Deezalica will change the way many people look at life. Instead of a dot on i comes an arrow pointing up, and magenta color which contributes to the youthful flair even more.

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You have decided that you need a logo. Whether it’s a brand new logo or a redesign of an existing one, here are some things you need to know:


There are several types of logos. The logo can be text only (Google), monogram (LG), mascot (KFC), emblem (Stella Artois), pictograms (Apple), abstract (Nike) or combined: image and icon (Amazon). Some clients already have an idea of what type they want, this is especially true with logo redesign, but if you don’t have a clear picture of your future logo – don’t worry. You can talk to the designer that the design proposals contain more than one style in order to get a better impression that will suit you. Of course, the designer will not be able to make all the variations, but a good designer will know exactly which types are suitable for the business you are in and will give you their suggestions accordingly.


Many companies already have their own distinctive colors and fonts that they use. In this case, the data is forwarded to the designer and the logo is created according to existing standards. Some companies don’t already have design standards, but they know roughly what colors and what font they want. In that case, it’s a good idea to send the designer some examples that you like. You can collect images from the Internet and send them as a reference. If you don’t have any ideas about colors and typography, don’t worry. Designers are experts in making such decisions for you. Along with the suggestions, you will also receive an explanation of why a specific color and font was chosen. In that way it will be easier for you to make a decision about the color system that will represent your company.


You need a logo and you want to work with us? You are wondering what to do next? Send us an inquiry via our contact form, and we will answer you as soon as possible. If you want, you can immediately send us some of the information listed above. Such as the company name, the type of logo you want, what the company does, and images of the logo you like as a reference. After we get to know your needs in more detail, we will send you a financial structure for the service you are looking for. If you choose to work with us, we will contact you if we need additional information. The deadline for logo design is usually around 5 working days. Although this can vary depending on the volume of work at the time of sending the inquiry. We will give you the exact deadline during the meeting.


Upon completion of the logo design, the designer will send you a presentation of the work they have done. You can choose as many proposals as you want in the business offer. The standard is three or five, and if you want more, please mention it when you contact us, so that we can adjust the offer accordingly. After the client studies the proposals sent and chooses the one that suits him best, the designer will make any additional changes, such as changing the color or size. When the work is done, we will send versions of the logo in vector (ai, eps, pdf) and raster (jpg, png) form so that you have all the versions needed for future applications of the logo (print, web), including a defined color system and characteristic typography.

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