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We designed this modern logo for Isabela Yachting, a company based in Zagreb that rents yachts and sailboats, as well as providing skipper services. For such a maritime company, we wanted to create a logo that reflects the sea and the luxury of sailing. That’s why we installed an anchor in the center of the rope circle that keeps the boat safe and stable. The symmetrical and simple design of the logo exudes a strong and sophisticated feel, while the golden color enhances the elegance. As a company that caters to luxury clients, the logo perfectly captures the essence of their business.

Logo design for Isabela Yachting from Zagreb. The gold logo is on a black background, which gives an elegant impression. The Sami logo is a circle made of rope, and inside the circle is the name of the company written in printed letters, and in the middle of the circle is an anchor. The anchor starts and is interrupted by the text and then continues again.
Logo design for Isabela Yachting

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Maritime themed logo design

Maritime themed logos are designed to include elements related to the maritime industry. These elements may include symbols such as anchors, ships, ropes and other nautical symbols. By using these elements, a strong and recognizable logo is achieved that is easily associated with the company’s activities.

When designing a nautical themed logo, it’s important to keep in mind the company or organization the logo will represent. The logo should be designed in a way that reflects the company’s values and goals. For example, a nautical-themed logo for a shipping company would be different from a logo for a fish restaurant or a sailing school.


When you think of a nautical themed logo, the first color that comes to mind is usually blue, followed by probably green. These colors are certainly a popular choice for this type of logo, but it’s important not to limit yourself to just these options. As we see with the Isabela Yachting logo, we chose a rich gold color to add a luxurious touch. However, other colors can also work well in a naval logo if the design elements are properly arranged. It is more important to choose colors that reflect the personality and activities of the company, rather than stick to traditional choices. When we are open to a wider range of colors, we can create a more unique and effective logo that will stand out.

Mistakes in nautical themed logo design

  1. Cluttered design: One of the biggest mistakes with this type of logo is the desire to put a lot of design elements. Wave, sun, palm tree, anchor, rope, ship. However, a cluttered design is never a good idea. Such a logo loses its significance. Out of so many elements, the eye does not remember a single one. It is better to choose one or two elements and stop. Simplicity is always the main rule of logo design.
  2. Theme Inconsistency: Make sure all elements in your logo, such as colors, symbols and typography, are connected and fit the overall nautical theme. The logo should have only one theme. Mixing the elements will result in a confusing design.
  3. Copying existing designs: It is important to be original and avoid copying other people’s designs. Instead, try to come up with a unique and original concept that reflects your company.
  4. Using low quality graphics: Poorly designed or pixelated graphics can make a logo look unprofessional and cheap. Be sure to use high quality graphics and images in your design.
  5. Not testing your design: It’s important to test your logo on different backgrounds and at different sizes to make sure it’s readable and looks good for all kinds of apps.
  6. Not asking for feedback: Getting feedback from others can help you identify any design issues and make the necessary changes. Make sure you get input from a variety of people to get a well-rounded perspective on your design.



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