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Visual identity for the honey brand

Creating the logo, label and packaging design for clients from Ukraine was a pleasure. The client is a family farm that produces honey. They wanted an overall visual identity that would be elegant, but also warm and accessible since it is a family business.

Logo Design

We started creating a visual identity with the design of the logo. It was not difficult to choose an icon to represent the logo. A bee in flight was a simple and logical choice. What is perhaps less obvious is the fact that the path the bee takes in the logo is actually the owner’s signature. This simple, yet interesting detail gives the overall design an additional dimension. The bee icon ends its flight as a dot at the end of that signature.

Choice of color and typography

Choosing the color of the visual identity is again tied to the honey itself and the client’s desire for the logo to be elegant. In order to avoid the traditional yellow color of honey, we decided on a more golden color. The golden color is a good representative of honey and has the sophistication that the client wanted to convey.

The typography chosen for this project is a handwritten font. This type of decorative lettering is ideal for the type of logo design the client wanted. Decorative letters should not be used for the entire text as they are more difficult to read. Also with the use of too many decorative letters in the design, it can look excessive and the font itself can distract from the message of the design itself. Therefore, they are ideal, as in this case, as titles, design details, slogans, etc. For this reason, we also used a flatter font for the word “family” in order to balance the very aesthetics of the design and make the name Shevchenko even more noticeable.


Label and packaging design have two basic purposes. First, it allows consumers to see prices, sizes and other important information about the product. Second, it should help the product stand out from the competition.

The best way to ensure that your labels and packaging are successful is to work with professional designers. They can help the product to be well designed to help market the product as well as possible, and in that way help in its success.

1. What is the difference between label and packaging design?

The design of the label is one part of the packaging. Labels are usually found on food products and include information such as name, ingredients, nutritional information and other details. The packaging design includes everything from the labels to the containers themselves, so if you want to change the container itself, it’s part of the overall packaging design.

2. How important is it to make sure the product stands out?

Just imagine that you are in a supermarket and you are surrounded by hundreds, if not thousands of products. Let’s take it a step further and let’s say you are buying a product you’ve never used, and now you’re standing in front of shelves with dozens of products offering the same thing. Which one will you choose? Are you going to think that maybe it’s not very good quality (although that’s not necessarily true) just because the design is poor quality? Or will you reach for a product that has an attractive and high-quality design that instills confidence in you? That’s the power of packaging design. We all choose products based on their appearance every day, even if we don’t even realize it. When your product is placed directly next to its competition, you want the customer to choose it. That’s why quality design is so important.

3. What are some other factors to consider when designing labels or packaging?

In addition to making sure your product stands out, you also need to consider the cost of the project. Labels and packaging can be expensive, so you need to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. You also need to consider the function of the labels or packaging. If you’re selling food, for example, you need to make sure the packaging is food-safe. That the product will not be damaged in transport and that the product will be properly preserved.

4. How to ensure that labels and packaging are successful?

The best way to ensure that your labels and packaging are successful is to work with a professional designer. They can help you figure out how to make your product stand out and can also take into account the function of the labels or packaging.

5. What are some common mistakes businesses make with labels and packaging?

One common mistake businesses make is not considering the overall design of their product. They focus solely on the cost of the project without taking into account how it will affect the overall look of their product. Another common mistake is not working with a professional designer. This can lead to a product that doesn’t stand out or isn’t functionable.

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