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Logo design Fakini

Izrada logotipa za tvrtku Fakini iz Zagreba. Na slici se logo nalazi po sredini na bijeloj podlozi (zidu). Na rubovima je sjena biljke.
Logo design for the company Fakini

The idea behind creating the logo

The logo design started with an idea where we wanted to play with the name Fakini. Since the meaning itself is mischievous and playful (in Croatian it means the mischievous one), we wanted the creation of the logo to follow that theme. So we decided to turn the initial letter F to break the seriousness and thus convey the name and personality of the company itself. Since the company is engaged in construction, without this small detail the logo would look too serious, and the name itself would not be so pronounced.

As we played with the letter F in the name, we did the same in the icon itself. We wanted the icon to represent the company’s activity, construction, so we almost built a building with the help of letters.

This logo is a good combination of elegant and serious with a little bit of mischievousness. Just like real fakini. 🙂

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Na slici su prikazani materijali na kojima je apliciran dizajn loga Fakini. Na bež podlozi se nalazi olovka tamno plave boje, poslovna mapa tamno plave boje sa logom Fakina, dva špila posjetnica (jedne u bijeloj, jedne u tamno plavoj boji) sa apliciranim logom, memorandum bijele boje sa apliciranim logom te blokovi za pisanje također sa logom Fakina.

Visual identity :: Fakini

Creating a logo is one of the most important aspects of branding. A logo is often the first impression people have of a company, so it’s important that it conveys the right message. Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating a logo:

1. Simplicity

The logo should be easy to understand and recognizable. Avoid complex designs and distracting patterns.

2. Message matters

The logo should represent the values of the company and the industry in which the company is located. For example, if it is an environmental company, the logo could be in earth tones to be in line with the views of the company it represents.

Na slici vidimo bijeli list papira na kojemu se nalazi otisnut crnom tintom logo Fakina. Na papiru je položen i drveni štambilj.Pečat :: Fakini

3. Use strong typography

The logo should be legible regardless of where it is used. Stick to clean, classic fonts that will be easy to read regardless of the size and where it is applied.

4. Be careful with trends

Trends come and go, but the logo remains. Although some trends are more permanent and for some companies it makes sense to use a more modern design for creating a logo, you should still be careful with trends. For most companies, it is better for the logo to be classy and last longer to ensure brand recognition. Eventually, the logo can be modified a bit to make it look more modern, but still retain its original appearance. If the logo is completely in line with the trends, you just need to continue to follow the trends and redesign it from time to time in accordance with the changes.

5. Original

There are many logos and that is why it is important to create a unique and memorable logo. That way, he will stand out from the competition and be remembered.

Na slici vidimo ženske ruke kako drže posjetnicu crne boje sa apliciranim dizajnom loga Fakini. U pozadini vidimo zamućenu prirodu.
Business card design :: Fakini

Designing a logo is an important process, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.


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