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Visual identity for Gospodarski list and their Kolači cookbook. In the picture there is a colorful logo on the work kitchen table.
Visual identity for Kolači

Logo design for “Kolači”

We created a visual identity for the company Gospodarski list, that is, for their sub-brand “Kolači“, which includes publishing a cookbook with the finest homemade cakes. Cakes come in many flavors, colors and sizes, so our logo, which represents them, came in many colors. Specifically in 6 characteristic colors. As the logo icon, we used the letter O, which represents an already bitten cookie. This cheerful logo is the ideal representative of this delicious cookbook and all cakes.

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Visual identity is a visual representation of a company or a product, and is communicated through the use of color, fonts, shapes and images.

There are a few key things to think about when developing a strong visual identity:

1. How do you want to be perceived?
2. What feeling do you want to evoke?
3. How can you stand out from the competition?

The visual identity should be an extension of the company’s values, mission and goals.

Characteristic colors for the Kolači logo

Characteristic colors for the Kolači logo

What does the visual identity contain?

There are several key elements that make up a strong visual identity:

1. Logo: This is often the first thing people will see and should be simple, memorable and reflect the overall brand.
2. Typography: The fonts you use should be consistent across all marketing materials and convey the feeling you want the brand to communicate.
3. Colors: The colors you use should be carefully chosen to reflect the mood and feeling you want to evoke.
4. Images: The photos and graphics you use should be of high quality and support the message you are trying to convey.

Developing a strong visual identity is an important part of building a successful brand. Visual elements should be carefully considered and executed well in order to effectively communicate who you are to your target audience.

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